I am looking for the dataset of single input - single output of any channel/system/process .

I want a dataset that looks like this matlab sample data :


load dryer2;

it is SISO with u1 and y1

I have looked into these that look fine but not quite like the above one and I dont know if they would work for what I need to do .




These I havent understood :

https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/1fae/c7eaf70a3bb12a8fd5fa669191ba5cbc4e1d.pdf : This one I could not find the real data http://dataserver.siplab.fct.ualg.pt/acoustic_data/intimate96/ https://data.wu.ac.at/schema/data_gov/OTkzYzg0MzMtNzRlMi00OTZlLWEzNzMtMDAyZTU2MzI2Yzk1

What I need to do ?

I have implemented NNC-NLMAT algorithm and tested its performance based on simulated data which matched with the paper . But the paper does not test on real data. link to the paper : https://www.researchgate.net/publication/332449806_Robust_Sparse_Normalized_LMAT_Algorithms_for_Adaptive_System_Identification_Under_Impulsive_Noise_Environments I want to test this algorithm on real channel data (whether its sparse FIR or not.)

NNC-NLMAT : sparse system identification algorithm .Please ,if someone ,could give me information on suitable dataset /any source for the data ,it would really help.


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