I've set up Unity (2018.4.0f1 LTS) with the Google Resonance project and I'm attempting to record an ambisonic environment with the Resonance Audio Listener component - however on hitting Record, instead, I get the following error,

Failed to start soundfield recording.
 ResonanceAudioListener:StartSoundfieldRecorder() (at Assets/ResonanceAudio/Scripts/ResonanceAudioListener.cs:121)
 ResonanceAudioListenerEditor:OnInspectorGUI() (at Assets/ResonanceAudio/Editor/ResonanceAudioListenerEditor.cs:108)
 UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

I've spent some time poking through the included scripts and as far as I can see the problem is located in one of the included .dlls, so I don't think I can diagnose it myself.

Kinda desperate for a solution, here, folks, as I have a very close deadline that depends on making an ambisonic recording of the experience I've built.

I should mention that I'm not much of a sound guy, I'm just trying to facilitate the sound guy on our team... =D


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