H($e^{jw}$)= 1, |w| < $\pi/2$ and 0, $\pi/2$ <= |w| <= $\pi$

I took M equally spaced frequencies from 0 to $2\pi$. If we assume h[n] to be causal, $H(e^{jw})$ should have some phase and it's related to zero-phase filter by a delay of (M-1)/2 samples. So, what I'd like to know is determining the phases of these M samples. I know the magnitudes of those samples are 1 for frequencies less than $\pi/2$ and 0 for other frequencies. I also know the phase is of the form a$\omega$ for samples |w|<=$\pi$. But how can I determine the phases for the samples whose frequencies are greater than $\pi$.

Any help would be appreciated


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