Which are the advantages and disadvantages of a LFM chirp regarding its radar performance?


Assuming this is not homework, you can summarize LFM performance as


  • LFM is easy to implement in hardware - even more so if you can use stretch (de-chirp) processing. It has been the most popular type of pulse compression.
  • Good range resolution which is a function of bandwidth.
  • Autocorrelation (matched filter output) has good side-lobe levels.
  • The LFM spectrum is "nice" given its sharp band edges. This make it more robust to signal processing chains with lots of filtering.
  • LFM is Doppler tolerant. This means that the matched-filter output (think SNR) is robust to Doppler shifts from the return signal.


  • LFM exhibits range-Doppler coupling. A Doppler shift will shift the peak of the matched filter output to a different delay (range).

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