I am looking for a Digital Image Processing and analysis textbook, but there are specific topics that I would like the book to cover. Among other topics, I would like it to include a discussion of:

  • (Orthonormal) basic functions
  • Mahalanobis distance
  • Subspaces
  • Image registration
  • Error accumulation
  • Background estimation

What textbook(s) would you recommend? I imagine this lack of a direct question is the reason for the two unhelpful downvotes.


A fundamental book on image processing for electrical engineers is

  • Two-Dimensional Signal and Image Proccesing_Jae S. Lim

A highly recommended one, again, for electrical engineers is

  • Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing_Anil Jain

A hands-on book on basic practical image procesing is

  • Principles of Digital Image Processing_Wilhelm Burger

If specifically looking for machine vision, then have a look at


This is the list I'd recommend:


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