Background: I have a spectrogram of window length 256 time frames and window width 1024 frequency bins. It initially took IQ using 10*log_10(magnitude) to output this spectrogram with window overlap of 512. Sample rate is 1 Msps.

Scenario/Question: If I have a signal of interest at frequency bin range [704, 764] and time frame range [6,150], how would I use complex mixing, filtering, and decimation to zero in on the signal for an IQ matrix within this focal point?

I am new to dsp, but I am doing my best to learn by application. I was hoping someone could explain using something along the lines of scipy.fftpack or similar.

To detail the example, the goal would be to find the IQ associated with a signal detected in the blue bounding boxes depicted below.

enter image description here

Explanations not related to python are also welcome! Thanks!


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