I am working on machine vision task. I am using openCV in Python. I need to detect motion. Best would be if I can calculate the difference between the new image and background. However, the environment is difficult so I need to update the background in every step.

Because the difference between current picture and last one is small (the motion is not significant), I do some kind of background leak.

background = background * 0.9 + last_image * 0.1

After that - and this is maybe not that important - I calculated root of the square difference and threshold it:

diff = (background**2 - image**2) **(1/2)
diff[np.where(diff < threshold)] = 0

The 90% leak works great. The moving objects are nicely visible, leaving acceptable trace and disappearing slowly if the object get stationary.

My question:

  1. what is the name of this approach/filter?
  2. what is the terminology - is there correct name for the leak factor etc.?
  3. is there a theory I should study (some not so obvious tricks I should know and use)?
  4. is there a way how to determine optimal leak (according FPS and movement speed for example)?

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