I want to apply 2d DFT to a N by N image. However, image is vectorized such that it is NxN by 1. How can i find the matrix form of 2d DFT such that resulting vector from multiplication is the vectorized NxN by 1 2d DFT of my N by N image?


In matrix form, we can write the 2-D DFT of an Image $\mathbf X$ via $\hat{\mathbf{X}} = \mathbf F \mathbf X \mathbf F^{\rm T}$.

This expression can be vectorized with the help of the Kronecker product. Using [*], we obtain $$\hat{{\mathbf{x}}} = {\rm vec}\{\hat{\mathbf{X}}\} = (\mathbf F \otimes \mathbf F) \cdot \mathbf{x}.$$

This shows that the matrix you need is $\mathbf F \otimes \mathbf F$.

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