I have several channels from where I am reading sensor signals in time domain.

I have 9 channels where I am reading time domain signals from each and every channel for 10 seconds.

Now if I perform cpsd on all the channels I would get one final frequency domain spectrum lets call this as cpsd_final.

But if I am doing it like taking cpsd of 3 channels, then I will have 3 cross power spectral density matrix.

  1. cpsd1 - cpsd of channels 1,2,3
  2. cpsd2 - cpsd of channels 4,5,6
  3. cpsd3 - cpsd of channels 7,8,9

If I want to calculate final cpsd how can I get cpsd_final from cpsd1, cpsd2 and cpsd3?

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    $\begingroup$ what are you going to do with your final matrix? $\endgroup$ – Stanley Pawlukiewicz Jul 5 at 13:36

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