I'm a SDR and DSP beginner , I'm trying to find correlation between pulses I receive using a SDR, with a replica that I have (basically pulses with predetermined duration's).

I've looked in this post for some clarification but could not find a suitable answer.

Once the correlation is '1' I need to start a timer that will keep counting until I've detected a max peak in the signal I received. enter image description here So once I know I have received this "North burst" , I'll have time indication to the maximum peak , it's not shown in the picture but the pulses are with varying amplitude , PAM, if you will.

so I'm thinking auto correlating , then detecting peak , then finding delta(T).

Unfortunately I'm having tough time actually implementing this in a SDR environment , I use GRC but also comfortable with MATLAB but lack experience.

Would LOVE to get some advice with how to get about it


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