In the research of energy harvest and SWIPT,some paper will design that information decoder and energy harvester will be in the same device,then use a power splitter to split the received power for decoder and harvester,i know this application,we can charge our cellphone battery when someone calls me or we call someone.But what is the application when the information decoder and energy harvester are separated?i mean,energy harvester must help something charge its battery,but what is that "something",which is needed to charge but don't need to transmit or receive the signal?

in here,i also want to ask that won't the information be destroy when we split the received signal?I mean the transmitted signal is information +RF signal,why can we use the power splitter to separate transmitted signal to information and RF signal,but not half information for decoder and half information+RF signal to energy harvester?

Because in all paper,which also want to optimize the power splitter,we just focus on the power splitter value,but don't care about maybe the splitter value is too small ,it will destroy the information


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