Pentile displays have unline most RGB displays only 2 subpixels per pixel. Imagine two displays of similiar resolution and one is pentile and other rgb. Becose the pentile displays have 33% less subpixels per pixel than rgb and they are recieving same input signal with gpu rendering at same resolution, doesnt this mean that the pentile display will have inherent super sampling anti aliasing?

I have Vive Pro with 1600x1440 pentile displays and plan on getting Valve Index that too has 1600x1440 display, but instead of pentile, its rgb so that means it will have 50% more sub pixels.

So if I run both headsets at native resolution with no super sampling turned on in software, isnt the Vive Pro with its pentile displays doing super sampling anti aliasing becose of the sub pixel count of the pentile matrix?


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