I'm trying to find the ideal data exchange format for our signal processing data. I've tried various formats like csv, wav (unsuitable), UFF, tdms, but there always seems to be some guy saying "don't you have matlab?". I don't have matlab installed, but I can still read and write matlab files, through various libs.

However, it seems that matlab have made a new 'time serie' feature/format: https://se.mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/timeseries.html This is the one I'd like to use. It's not just 2 x 1D-arrays. It also contains names, units etc. And more importantly, matlab will recognize it, as a time serie. (Eg. plot.)

I can't seem to find an exact description of the internal format though. (And programs like Octave doesn't seem to support it yet?) So, do anyone have a matlab time serie mat file, that I can disassemble?

Maybe just a simple save like: eg.

ts1 = timeseries((1:5)','Name','MyTimeSeries');

(I'm not sure about the exact syntax.)


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