I would like to ask on what approaches could one attempt to generate a colored waveform out of an audio file. Below are two examples of waveform coloring by commercial products along an audio sample of that music at this position:

Traktor Pro

enter image description here

Pioneer Rekordbox

enter image description here

Audio sample at this position:


By looking at the output, one can infer the following:

  • low frequency content is colored in red
  • mid frequency content is colored in green
  • high frequency content is colored in blue

Obviously, this is a very simplistic analysis of the situation and doesn't really tell how it's been done.


What kind of algorithm is at work under the hood to produce such colored waveforms?


I have asked a similar question a while ago, now I feel it's time to ask it again for these reasons:

  • question has been asked 6 years ago!
  • the EchoNest web service used for detecting audio features has closed shop
  • couldn't really make good use of @pichenettes answer by lack of knowledge
  • still little public information on the web about this subject
  • there might be fresh minds that can suggest interesting approaches

(let me know how this question can be improved to be complementary to the one previously asked)



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