I'm making a 60 bands spectrum analyzer for audio and I have tried 2 different algorithms one with a bank of band-pass filters and second the Goertzel filter. With the bank of bandpass filters I don't have good resolution for the high frequencies and with the Goertzel I have to raise the buffer to 8192+ to get good resolution for the low frequencies ( < 100 Hz). So anyone has any suggestion of what type of frequency energy estimation technique is best suited for such type of application.

EDIT: I finally used the Goertzel filter with a 2048 buffer, diminishing number of samples computed as we go up the frequency spectrum and some hand tweaking for the DC up to 80Hz range. It works fine and is very fast (using c / opengl graphics).

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    $\begingroup$ What are you trying to achieve with the 60 bands? This doesn't sound like "frequency estimation" to me... more like "frequency band energy estimation" ? $\endgroup$ – Peter K. Jun 6 at 13:26

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