I'm currently working on denoising acoustic signal used in leak detection so that the leak detection could be more accurate. The thing is noise can come from various sources (Car or people passing by, saturation, someone using his tap..) so I have no apriori on the noise nor the leak signal since it's a function of the pipe, soil, flow rate..

The only assumption I could make is that the noise should most of the time be non-stationary, yet I can't just filter my signal with a low-pass filter.

What I've got is two signals from both ends of the leak so what I came up with is to denoised one of the signal and somehow compare it to the other signal.

So my question is : How should I compare my denoised signal and the other signal ? Is there another metric that I could use such as SNR or MSE to evaluate my denoising?

Thanks in advance.


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