I have received the following 4 time-series signals and wanted to do some data analytics using these. Although the sampling is the same for all of these signals, 2 samples per second, problem is that resolutions are different. I am not sure if resolution is the correct word, but what I mean is that some of the signals are more active than others. For example, solid bold black in track 1 and blue in track 4 are more active than the other 2. Thin black in track 2 is the least active. I have the following questions: 1. Is there a way to reprocess them such that all of these signals of the same resolution? 2. Is there a way to process 3 signals to match the resolution of the most active signals? 3. Is there a way to process 3 signals to match the resolution of the least active signal?

I was thinking that this could be done in frequency domain or using some form of filter but not sure how?

Many thanks in advance for your help with this. I did some research but could not find anything related to the problem above, but do direct me to relevant post or article is this is a duplicate problem.

4 signals with the same sampling (2 samples per second) but different resolution (or activity)


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