I am trying to make a programme that will calculate PLP coefficients. The process is described in this paper. However, I am unsure about some of the procedures. Namely, in the IA should I use overlapping or non-overlapping windows?

Secondly, in section B the following sum is used:

enter image description here

As far as, I understand they evaluate the expression for every Omega_i from this list (Range 0-16.9, step approx 0.994)

[0., 0.994118, 1.98824, 2.98235, 3.97647, 4.97059, 5.96471, 6.95882, 7.95294, 8.94706, 9.94118, 10.9353, 11.9294, 12.9235, 13.9176, 14.9118, 15.9059, 16.9]

Next, what is the step in the sum from equation 5 in section IB.

Moreover, in the equation P(Omega - Omega_i) is used, however, P is defined in Hz. Does this mean that I have to transform the frequency to Hz and take the corresponding energy (or the energy that is the closest to the transformed frequency)?

I know that some of these questions may be basic, however, I want to be sure that I do everything in the right way.


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