I am interested in a multi-call massive-MIMO system modeled as in the works of T. Marzetta, for example: "Inter-Cell Interference in Noncooperative TDD Large Scale Antenna Systems".

In these works, the channel between the $k$ user of the $j$ cell and base station of the $i$ cell is modeled as $$\boldsymbol{g}_{ij}=\beta_{ikj}\boldsymbol{h}_{ikj}$$ with $\boldsymbol{h}_{ikj}$ the "white" channel and $\beta_{ikj}$ large-scale fading coefficients.

I am interested in how to calculate the length of the guard interval in such a system, assuming that the channels between cells are not negligible.

  • $\begingroup$ What do you mean by the guard interval here? $\endgroup$ – BlackMath Mar 30 at 9:33

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