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I have implemented a flowgraph of a transceiver loopback inspired by the examples found at gnuradio/gr-digital/examples/packet, with a slight change - instead of driving the Packet_tx with:

  • Message Strobe > Random PDU Generator > Packet_tx

I am using:

  • File Source (/tmp/in_strings.txt) > Throttle > Stream to Tagged Stream > Tagged Stream to PDU > Packet_tx.

Then the data is recovered by the Packet_rx with:

  • PDU to Tagged Stream > File Sink (/tmp/out_strings.txt)

Flowgraph below:

enter image description here

My expectation: I was hoping to transmit most of the data from in_strings.txt to out_strings.txt

What really happened:

  • Chunks of data are lost during transmission in an intermittent fashion. Diff below:

enter image description here

  • Transmission stops unexpectedly after ~40kB.

The files involved in this experiment:

I wonder what may be the cause of this?
Thanks in advance!


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