I have followed instructions on how to create a single Morlet wavelet, and can change the centre frequency of the wavelet. My question now, is I would very much like to create a filter bank. How do I pick centre frequencies to create a Filterbank?

I can do this in Matlab using the Filterbank function, but I would like to understand the process not using helper functions. As this is a linear scale, can I just divide each octave into an equal number of bands, choosing an appropriate number of cycles in the wavelet, so that the filters overlap so there are no uncovered frequencies in the spectrum?

I know this method seems vague, or is there a procedure I should follow when picking these centre frequencies?

  • $\begingroup$ To add more info, I am currently splitting each octave linearly. so using the parameters, nvoices, noctaves, I am choosing centre frequencies with: 10^(octave number + x/nvoices) where x is incremented in 1 - nvoices, and then octave number is incremented for the number of octaves. Hopefully this is correct $\endgroup$ – samp17 Mar 28 at 11:04

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