I made a mistake with my newly bought compact camera, before a trip to Japan. Instead of taking single pictures, I ended up with a few short "MP4" video files (1 second, 2-3 frames). I could "easily enough" extract individual frames with ffmpeg, using help from:

I am unsatisfied with the quality of some frames, and as there is very little motion, I would like to restore or recreate a superresolution image from those two-three frames only, using the motion vector.

I would appreciate suggestions, software experience, etc. For readers interested in trying algorithms, I provided in the 22 MB file StackExchange-AVI2JPG.zip two examples with media information (obtained with MediaInfo) and camera reference (to avoid unwanted advertizing). One leaving Osaka, with a relatively nicely flat image:

Leaving Osaka in the bus

the other from Nara, Todai-Ji:

Nara, Todai-Ji

where the wire fence is sharper, hence the individual frame quality is poorer. I enjoyed my trip, and would be glad to share crisper images of the first day (a view on the Fuji in the early for the finest eyes).


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