is there a way to just perform block motion compensation using ffmpeg command line (i.e. no addition of residual encodings). I want to compare the quality of the video frames produced using various block-motion algorithms.

I want to be able to extract motion vectors and generate motion compensated frames as in the SckitVideo Library (http://www.scikit-video.org/stable/motion.htmlhttp://www.scikit-video.org/stable/motion.html). This code is however limited to I,P,P frame sequences. There must be a way of achieving the same result for I, B, B, P, B, B, I sequences.

The extract_mvs.c example in FFmpeg's github repository uses FFmpeg's libav library to extract motion vectors from side information in the video encoding.(https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/tree/master/doc/examples)

At the moment I am looking for a way to do the compensation (ffmpeg command line would be preferable but reference to coding examples using ffmpeg's libav library would also be much appreciated).

Thanks in advance!


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