i have a problem here which is not so easy to solve. I have a measurement system which provides me two signals:

-The "contrast" channel" - this is the main channel on the object

-A second channel which provides me some low-frequency/pseudo-3D information about the object

Specifics are not so important. All i know is that these two signals are correlated in "some way" so i want to use the second channel for denoising my main channel signal.

I transform both images into Fourier-space. How to i continue now? I tried to create a binary mask which filters out the frequencies with the highest absolute values for the secondary channel. This did not work out. Simply substracting both signals in Fourier-space did not work out as well. Also, i tried to create the masks for imaginary and real parts of the Fourier signal of my second channel. I don't have a high theoretical background about signal separation in Fourier space, so i would like to know how to i find out correlations between two signals, and how can i use this correlation to reduce my noise in the main channel.

I am happy for any literature or further information about how to do this. Thank you!

  • $\begingroup$ So what was the results after applying separate masks for real and imaginary part? $\endgroup$ – MimSaad Mar 4 at 12:35

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