For my master thesis I am prototyping a software PLL in Matlab using an Analog Devices AD9467 (ADC) evaluation+capture board. The VCO I am trying to control has an output frequency of approx. 2.2GHz and before capturing it, it gets divided to approx. 35MHz.

The concepts that I am having trouble dealing with compared with an analog PLL is that I get access to the samples of my VCO in blocks of data that Matlab reads from the FIFO of the capture board. And every block of samples is captured by the ADC when Matlab executes the capture command in the main loop of the program. So my main issue is the non real time nature of my problem to make the phase detection and correction on the VCO.

Anybody knows where can I find info on problems like this one?

  • $\begingroup$ that's standard control theory! In your introduction to control systems course, you will encounter transport delay, and how to deal with that. The trick that you need to achieve is to make sure your delay from ADC to control voltage is deterministic. $\endgroup$ – Marcus Müller Feb 28 at 11:16

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