I am using the autofam() function in Matlab for the Spectral Correlation Function (link: https://github.com/sayguh/MastersProject/blob/master/matlab/sandbox/autofam.m) for a BPSK modultated chirp signal. The chirp signal goes from 5MHz to 10MHz. There are 512 symbols. The modulated chirp signal duration is 102.36us. So, the symbol generation time is: 102.36us/512 = 0.1999us ~ 0.2us, which gives a data generation frequency of 5MHz. In the picture below you can see that there are two thin stripes around the 5MHz of the cyclic frequency.

 XY plane of the SCF of BPSK modulated signal

However the picture should look something like this:

How the SCF should look like

I think that is worth mentioning that the resolution of the frequency is 100kHz and the resolution of the cyclic frequency is 10kHZ.

Can anyone help me, please?


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