I have a chirp signal. In Matlab, the command is $s=chirp(t,f0,t1,f1)$. I make the following sum with Matlab: $y=rand(1,size(s,2))+s;$

Here is my question: What is the theoritical equation for $y$? I know the expression of $s$.

  • $\begingroup$ The equation you are looking for is $y = \alpha x + \beta \mathcal{U}(u,v)$ where $\alpha, \beta$ depend on the relative powers of the two sequences and $u,v$ determine the range of rand... Also, $x$ you seem to have a good idea of (the chirp function). But...is this really what your question is about (?). $\endgroup$ – A_A Feb 7 at 12:37
  • $\begingroup$ the use of rand and not randn is unusual $\endgroup$ – Stanley Pawlukiewicz Feb 7 at 13:58

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