I want to write program for phase interferometry to understand how its work. For the beginning I generate signal, which arrives on two antennas with delay.

Matlab code:

t = (0 : 1024 - 1) * 1/samplingRate;
Signal = amplitude * sin(2*pi*carrierSignalFrequency*t);

I’ve got 2 antennas with d = 1.5 (distance between antennas), also I know angle of arrival. For example angleOfArrival = 30;

As I understand first of all it’s necessary to apply FFT to my Signal array and get SignalFFT.

To get signal phase on first antenna can I simply take first element of SignalFFT array, or I must do other manipulations?

How do I get phase of second antenna?

How to calculate delay and how many elements I must skip in array to get value on second antenna?


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