I am looking for functions to perform segmentation of noisy medical images (grayscale) with GMM (Gaussian Mixture Models).

I have found in MATLAB:

gm = gmdistribution(mu,sigma)
idx = cluster(gm,X)

given X, my grayscale image.

How would you define mu and sigma? What size should they be? And how would you initialize them?

I have tried the following (given an image of size (576x720)):

mu = rand(5,size(X,2));
sigma = ones(720,720);
gm = gmdistribution(mu,sigma);
idx = cluster(gm,X);

but I get an error:

Error using wdensity (line 29)
Ill-conditioned covariance created.

Error in gmdistribution/cluster (line 59)
log_lh=wdensity(X,obj.mu, obj.Sigma, obj.PComponents, obj.SharedCov, CovType);

I have a basic idea of how GMM works, i.e. soft clustering, but I 'd like help of a more advanced person to understand what I'm doing here.


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