I've implemented the Radix-2 cooley tukey algorithm from wikipedia in java & c and I've also managed to do a Radix-4 Variant of this algorithm. I'd like to implement a split radix variant of the algorithm now. I don't have a strong mathematical background and no prior knowledge in digital signal processing, so I'm not able to implement the algorithm just based on the mathematical formulas I found in various research papers. So I was looking for pseudo code or even an actual implementation of the algorithm in some programming language but couldn't find one.

I'd highly appreciate any link to an algorithm or some pseudocode, from which I should be able to derive the code i need. I've also seen a lot of answers to FFT question here saying to use a library, just to address this right here, I'm interested in implementing said algorithms and compare them to each other, they won't be embedded in a program or anything.


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