I am working on a medical image processing project where I have to use retinal OCT images. I am using the dataset available here. This dataset has a lot of images and I want to flatten all of them. I have a flattening code which works correctly only for some images but fails as a generalised solution to all the provided images:

For instance, if the input image is:

Input image

The output after flattening is:

Flattened image

The code that I had used for performing the flattening process is:

function img_shift = img_flatten(img)
%img = rgb2gray(imread('retina.png'));

    % Find bottom line indices
    %find the location of the curve which is white/gray in color different
    %from the black 
    threshold = 100;
    retina = NaN(1, size(img,2));
    for j = 1:size(img,2)
        retina(j) = find(img(:,j) >= threshold, 1, 'last');

    % Fit polynomial
    x = 1:length(retina);
    p = polyfit(x, retina, 2);
    retina_fit = round(polyval(p, x));

    % Plot the fit of the retina
    %plot([retina', retina_fit']);

    % Shift the data in the image
    img_shift = zeros(size(img), 'uint8');

    for j = 1:length(retina_fit)
     img_shift(:,j) = circshift(img(:,j), -retina_fit(j));
    end%for j

    % Plot the image
   % subplot(2,1,1);

I tried changing the threshold but it didn't make any difference to the code.

I have the following questions regarding my code:

1) Is there any other better method to perform flattening of OCT images?

2) Can I tweak my code to have a generalized flattening code for all the images belonging to the dataset?


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