In 2D images we call the smallest picture elements pixels, in 3D images we call them Voxels (for volume pixels).

I was wondering if there is a word that can denote them both (pixel and voxel), and possibly be used to mean any n-dimensional picture element.

For example, I want to write something like:

Given an n-dimensional image with N pixels/voxels

Where I want to replace pixels/voxels with just one word that would also denote these elements in other dimensions.


From Wiktionary:

hypervoxel (plural hypervoxels)

  1. A multidimensional analogue of a voxel

From Digital Design Media - Mitchell & McCullough, 1995:

Pixel X,Y Voxel X,Y,Z Hypervoxel X,Y,Z,T 12.1 A hypervoxel in a four-dimensional coordinate system

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