I'm trying to make a bandstop digital filter. I have used butterworth signal library to make a highpass filter, but using same technique I cannot achieve this bandstop filter. Here's an example:

from scipy import signal

Bx = data.data[0,]
By = data.data[1,]

Bxfft = (Bx[100:-100])
Byfft = (By[100:-100])

Sampling = float(266336) / 300
HalfSampling = float(Sampling) / 2
Wn = float(1) / HalfSampling
b, a = signal.butter(3, Wn, 'high')
BxHPF = signal.filtfilt(b, a, Bxfft)
ByHPF = signal.filtfilt(b, a, Byfft)

So for my bandstop filter I need to cutoff 50 Hz, so I try to take lowcut at 49.9 Hz and Highcut at 50.1 Hz, and the order settled at 3. Do You have any ideas how to achieve that?


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I have found the answer, maybe someone will use it.

 def butter_bandstop_filter(data, lowcut, highcut, fs, order):

        nyq = 0.5 * fs
        low = lowcut / nyq
        high = highcut / nyq

        i, u = butter(order, [low, high], btype='bandstop')
        y = lfilter(i, u, data)
        return y

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