I have been reading about pulse compression which helps with the range resolution.

In my application I do not need to measure the range of the object however I am more interested in boosting the SNR so that I can detect the object further. Could pulse compression help with this ?

I am using a low cost radar with FM modulation capability.

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    $\begingroup$ Yes. There are many derivations of the SNR gain from pulse compression available from a internet search. $\endgroup$ – AnonSubmitter85 Mar 17 '18 at 15:29

Yes. Pulse compression is really just running the returned signal through a pulse matched filter, which is equivalent to cross correlation. If you view it as a pulse matched filter, matched filters are optimal for detection of a signal in AWGN. If you view it as a cross correlation, the output of the correlation will peak when the signal best matches with the filter.

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