I am now working on a project about human body detection. In the project, I would like to use HOG descriptor which is written by my own using C++ to extract features from images 400 positive samples and 1000 negative samples which are obtained from the INRIA person dataset and write a dat file to record the feature vectors. The format of my dat file is as follows:

[class label] [the index of the feature vector]:[the value of the feature vector] ....

For example if we have a HOG vector extracted from a positive sample [0 0 0 0 0.1994464 0.174701 ....], the dat file would be written as follows:

+1 4:0.194464 5:0.174701 13:0.163949 14:0.159226 22:0.321403 23:0.298222 31:0.260821

Are there any mistakes in my dat file format? Moreover, the dimension of a feature vector may be quite long of which the length can be over 3000. Is that a problem and I need to reduce the length of the vector using principle component analysis?

Then, I use the command "svm_learn example1/train.dat example1/model" where "example1" is the folder storing the dat file and model is the output file of the command. However, no output files generated from the command. Is the command correct? I have read the manual and it mentions that the command is "svm_learn [options] example_file model_file", what options should I input?

Thank you very much!

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