I am looking to imitate 70's analog equipments sound. I was wondering is there a way to create tape saturation / distortion inside Audiokit? I want to add that and randomized tape crackles and artifacts to the mix which I know is possible in AudioKit luckily.

From what I understand Tape Simulator plugins normally distort the lower frequencies more than than the high which might be possible in AudioKit if I create multiple audio streams (Lower end, higher end) using equalization and distort the lower end more. Is there a way to make the curve of the sound more linear?

How to model Tape Saturation (Audio DSP)?

Analog tape sounds further back in the virtual 3d space than digital. To achieve that I typically slightly cut off the higher end with a curve in parametric equalizers and add a convolution reverb to imitate natural space. Tape also has a much smoother smaller range for low frequencies which maybe I will cut off with a low pass filter.

I was wondering if anyone has anymore knowledge to achieve an effective tape simulation and to get a very retro sound in Audiokit? I am making a video camera app full of retro filters with grain and artifacts. It would be awesome if I could also have the sound feel retro as well.

This is my ideal clip for a frame of reference how audio sounded back then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEpSVCYok8s


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