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I'm finding difficulties choosing an adequate processor solution for my application from my null experience with DSP:

  • 8ch 24-bit @11025Hz I2S TDM Input
  • Beamforming + ASNR
  • MSS Multi-source selection
  • DRC Dynamic Range Compession
  • Frequency domain analysis (Real FFT)
  • 5 seconds STFT
  • Peak Finding
  • Comparison algorithms
  • Connectivity (Bluetooth @ Low Transfer Rate, just notifications)

Application parameters

I'm considering both a design which includes a Host MCU or just the DSP.

So far I'm looking at SigmaDSP processors:

  • Pros: Provided I2S TDM interface, arithmetic blog for beamforming, cost
  • Cons: Buggy and limmited Graphical Programming Interface (no c programming), only Radix-2 Complex FFT and 50% overlap analysis window are available, lack of documentation for sending a signal via SPI to Host Controller

I'm also considering SHARC processors, which I find overkill for my application (no codecs, no output, single input port, etc.):

  • Pros: C programming flexibility, no need of Host Controller, provided I2S TDM Interface
  • Cons: Lack of experience with DSP programming, cost of processor, development kits, emulators and software

My questions are:

  1. How to determine required system sources (memory, clock frequency, etc)?
  2. Any guidance/recommendations/other families/brands I should look?

Hardware I'm using... 2x Mic Array: https://www.notwired.co/ProductDetail/NWAUDICS52000-NotWired-CO/605574/?ProdId=605574& I2S TDM to USB: https://www.minidsp.com/products/usb-audio-interface/usbstreamer

Thank you so much, Pedro


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