I am creating a model in MATLAB to simulate power line communication, but I found a problem. I'm very new to the DSP area, I get my code below from a MATLAB example.

    %mod/demod GMSK 
    hMod = comm.GMSKModulator('BitInput', true, 'InitialPhaseOffset', pi/4);
    hAWGN = comm.AWGNChannel('NoiseMethod','Signal to noise ratio (SNR)','SNR',0);
    hDemod = comm.GMSKDemodulator('BitOutput', true,'InitialPhaseOffset', pi/4);
    % Error calculator by viterbi algortim
    hError = comm.ErrorRate('ReceiveDelay', hDemod.TracebackDepth);
    for counter = 1:10
      % mod 10 words of 8-bits
      data = randi([0 1],8,1);
      modSignal = step(hMod, data);                                                      
      noisySignal = step(hAWGN, modSignal);
      receivedData = step(hDemod, noisySignal);
      errorStats = step(hError, data, receivedData);

My question:

  • How can I discover the delay of my mod/demod process and fix that? Basically what I saw debugging the code was: my output (receivedData) only start to receive the data after the third iterarion of the for-loop.

  • And another doubt, If I want to store the values of the input data like

    First data send -> 11110000
    First output data in the vector -> 11110000

    How should I handle the delay to store the values like above? (Basically is, store the first value send in the first position of my matrix/vector, store the second value send in the second position of my matrix/vector. All of this into the for-loop;


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