I have to write a paper on emotion recognition. More specifically on how different parameters affect the algorithms effectiveness. I have already read a lot about this and done research using OPENSmlie, (extracting mostly MFCCs) and WEKAs clasificators to get the best results. I use EMO DB.

However what i need is more theoretical knowledge, and information about already published papers on that subject. Especially newer ones, say from the last couple of years. I want to know, how peaople approach this problem, and how good their latest results are.

I was wondering if maybe there were some experts on that here. Could you recommend any good recources / links to such papers. Or an effective way of finding the latest ones?


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For the latest improvements read the papers from the latest speech conferences, for example here are two tracks on Emotions in latest ICASSP:

Emotion recognition I

Emotion recognition II

You can also check reviews:

Speech emotion recognition: Features and classification models

Emotion recognition from speech: a review

Survey on speech emotion recognition: Features, classification schemes, and databases

To find the relevant research use Google Scholar.


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