Different people reading the same sentences, we can know from the voice who is speaking.

What makes the voice distinguishable?


Some possible perceivable differences might include:

  • differences in pitch frequency (bass vs. soprano voice, etc.)
  • differences in overtone series (formants, head resonances, accent)
  • variations in modulation of pitch over time (vibrato, tremolo, accent)
  • differences in voiced to unvoiced ratios (raspiness?)
  • variations in typical durations of each vowel or consonant
  • variations in cadence modulation (accent?)
  • differences in choice of phonemes for each word or phrase (accent?)

A simple way to solve your problem would be to record a short sentence and then calculate the FFT. This will give you an average spectral fingerprint for that person. Then you can compare spectra in order to identify a given person.

Check some more details here:



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