I have heard of three books of Proakis namely Communication System Engineering, Digital Signal Processing and Digital Communications. I love the way he writes and would like to read about continuous/analog signals and systems by the same writer. Some of it has been dealt with in his book 'Communication System Engineering' namely Fourier Series and Fourier Transform. I want to read other continuous time topics like Laplace transform by the same author.

Is there any book by Proakis available which fully deals with continuous time signals and systems?


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No, not as far as I know. I can recommend you two books dealing with continuous-time systems, the Fourier transform, and the Laplace transform, among other topics:

  1. Signals and Systems, Oppenheim, Willsky: a classic, used copies can be found quite cheap
  2. The Fourier Integral and Its Applications, Papoulis: less scary for an engineer than the title might make you think; it's actually much broader and very accessible; it deals with linear systems in general, low pass and band pass systems, the Laplace transform, etc.

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