I need to compare images using Gabor filter. I cant seem to understand how to find a quantifiable value to compare through Gabor. Can someone give me steps to do the same. I got some code, but it doesnt compare two images. Any help is appreciated.


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Gabor can be used as a filter bank in order to extract texutre features from an image (or image patch). To compare images (or patches from image) using gabor I would follow the following pipline:

  1. compute a filter bank from the Gabor (different scale and orientation)

Filter bank

  1. post process to create new feature. you can compute the energy, and first statistics measures on the filtered images.
  2. now that you have a vector of features for each image you need some measure to compare tham. You can use simple L2, or fisher criterior as some papers offer Comparison of Texture Features Based on Gabor Filters

Please also take a look at the following question that is simmilar to yours.


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