1. Open set recognition: Unknown individuals may appear on scene (CCTV).
  2. Gallery = 10 individuals with a mug-shot image per individual.

Approach: Gaussian Mixture Model-UBM based

  1. Use video sequences of 20 individuals of random people that might not appear in the gallery or in the scene as UBM (universal background model).

    ubm = gmm_em(datalist, numberOfMixtures, EMiterations, downSamplingfactor, parallelWorker)

'datalist' contain feature vector of each individuals that assigned as UBM (20xnumberOfvideoSequences) cells. Each cell contains [numberOfMixtures x numberOfFrames] double.

  1. Adapt the ubm into each individuals (in gallery) to create GMM speaker model.

    for I = 1:numberOfIndividuals gmm{s} = mapAdapt(spkFiles(I,:),ubm, map_tau, config) end

spkFiles contain feature vector of the mugshot images for each individuals in the gallery. (10 x 1) cells, which each cell contain [numberOfMixtures x 1] double.

The approach above is based on MSR toolkit for speaker verification. However, I'm not so sure about implementing it for image verification. Is it what I had described above is correct? The way to prepare the datalist and spkFiles? How to decide the number of mixtures? Can I use any feature extraction method such as PCA?


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