In MATLAB, there is a function wavefun that outputs both the scaling and wavelet functions. To generate a Daubechies, the following command can be used:

[phi,psi,xval] = wavefun('db40',10);

The question I have is: How to generate a Daubechies at different scales and visualizing them? For instance, generating a similar Daubechies with frequency twice larger.


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Subsequent wavelets, spanning a specific range of scales are generated by shifting and scaling the Mother Wavelet.

Therefore, to produce "...a similar Daubechies with frequency twice larger..." you would have to "take every other sample" of the Mother Wavelet. For more information, please see this link and the Wavelet Toolbox User Guide on the section about the discrete wavelet transform.

It may also be useful to have a quick look at decimation and upsampling concepts in DSP.

Hope this helps.


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