Suppose a image has

Height = 200px;
Width = 100px; 

A point in that image which has

Y axis = 40px
X axis = 30px

Now if I resize that image:

New Height = 300px;
New Width = 150px;

Is there any formula to calculate new Y and X axis of that point?


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Provided that the stretch is simply linear and consistent across the image, then the displacement of the point is proportional to the magnification factor.

For the X-Axis:

  • At $100px$ width, the point was at $30$
  • At $150px$ width, where would the point be? (Let's call this our unknown $x$).

$$x=\frac{150}{100} \times 30 = 45$$

Similarly, for the Y-Axis, the point will now be at $60$.

Hope this helps.


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