I am interested in reovering images affected by blur of known orientation and known span. Camera movement during capture is very small, blur span is of about 0-4px.

What is the most accurate way to model the blur PSF? For example, how would you model the blur PSF in these cases?

  • blur span: 0.6 pixels, blur orientation: 0°
  • blur span: 2 pixels, blur orientation: 0°
  • blur span: 3 pixels, blur orientation: 25°

I am actually interested in recovering as accurately as possible the details of the images down to single pixel resolution, so blur PSFs such as [.5 .5] and [.25 .5 .25] are significally different for my pourpose.

  • $\begingroup$ How to generate PSF is a question I am struggling with as well. In my system, I have a motion that I know the details (car is moving at constant speed) I need to eliminate motion blur, I couldn't find a way to make PSF function. $\endgroup$ – Ktuncer Sep 25 '12 at 13:43

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