I found a codec with audio DSP, ADAU1772. It supports 32 biquads, that is $32\cdot5=160$ parameters.

I need to calculate filter coefficients on-line. The result is in transfer function form, i.e.,

$$[a_1, a_2, \cdots, a_{m-1}, b_0, b_1, \cdots, b_{n-1}]$$

If I want to use an audio DSP, I must transform the result into SOS matrix.

In MATLAB, here is a function tf2sos does the job. It needs to solve high-order equations to find poles and zeros. Maybe it's difficult for MCUs.

  • Assume number of coefficients $m=n=32$, is there any method I can write all the 64 coefficients directly into a chip and make it work?
  • Or is there any audio DSP chips without biquad-structure constraint?

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