I'm looking for an algorithm for Vibrato audio effect for a cross-platform C++ program of audio processing. Now I use the realization from Chaotic-DAW sources. The problem is that Chaotic-DAW has a huge class hierarchy, and:
1. I don't want to use such a huge library
2. I cannot use it on Mac OS X (cannot compile)
3. I will not be able to port the program to a microcontroller.

The necessary Vibrato parameters: delay, depth, period (cycle length).

Related topic on Software Recommendations.

Update. I have tried to isolate the Vibrato class, but the hierarchy is so large that it's impossible.


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After much searching and asking questions, I have written my own realization for the vibrato effect: https://github.com/Bershov/Vibrato-effect. The code is not hard for understanding and works fine. In fact, the vibrato is a kind of frequency modulation. Its key concepts: variable delay, low-frequency oscillation and intelpolation.


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