I have many audio files @ 22kHz. I want to convert it to 44.1kHz. Since I have many files to convert, I am looking for an easy solution. I came across ffmpegwrapper for python. I installed the package for python. But I couldnt find out the command to resample. Can anyone please help me ? This is the link for the wrapper. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/ffmpegwrapper


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Use SoX to easily convert your files in one go.

Here are some examples:

Alternatively, if you want to do this from Python, use librosa. An example:

By default, librosa will resample the signal to 22050Hz.

You can change this behavior by saying:

librosa.load(audio_path, sr=44100)
to resample at 44.1KHz, or

librosa.load(audio_path, sr=None)
to disable resampling.

For complete guide visit this answer (https://stackoverflow.com/a/73891617/14627589)

You can use ffmpeg tool to resample audios. For this, you must have ffmpeg in your environment path variable. You can download ffmpeg for your OS from the given link:


After that extract it and add it to environment variable. Then, use the following Python code to resample:

import os

source_file = "path/to/input/file/with/extension"
output_file = "path/to/output/file/with/extension"
cmd_str = f"ffmpeg -i {source_file} -ac 1 -ar 44000 {output_file}"

I have used this code for my projects and it is working perfect. Replace 44000 with your desired sample rate.


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