I am looking help for my project for which I need C++ (or any other language) libraries useful for extraction of sound wave features like frequency, loudness, pitch and orientation. Using these features I want to make attention in a humanoid robot simulator .


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From the ones I've been using I can recommend:

  • YAAFE - very pleasant to work with in Python
  • ESSENTIA - another one I like particularly due to Python integration
  • aubio
  • Aquila - friend of mine used it extensively and he likes it a lot

Recently I came across this paper and I believe that this should perfectly answer your question.

Moffat D. et al - An Evaluation of Audio Feature Extraction Toolboxes

They do provide a detailed comparison based on:

  • Amount of features available
  • Ease of usage
  • Output format of the features
  • Computational efficiency

They tested following libraries:

  • Aubio
  • Essentia
  • jAudio
  • Librosa
  • LibXtract
  • Marsyas
  • Meyda
  • MIR Toolbox
  • Timbre Toolbox

I can highly recommend librosa (python), for its intuitive API and excellent scikit-learn integration, which is useful for quickly using extracted features in a machine learning pipeline).

Check out some examples: introduction, scikit-learn integration demo.

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